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who are we ?

Masarat development is founded in 2020 by Safia Al Shehi, a professional media practitioner, Voice over, Writer,and certified trainer in Personal Branding and media training. licensed by DED Trader

We offer

Media training for managers and employees Soft skills training for individuals and groups Group and individuals coaching in personal branding and communication Self-development products for career development (Journal you 1 +2) Media services and social media campaigns Online courses on

MASARAT Media Training

Senior managers are interviewed by the media, representing their organizations online and offline and handling a huge responsibility when it comes to protecting their organization’s reputations and meeting their challenging audience. In Masarat we understand the number of challenges you must face through your careers as a spokesperson or media representative.

You are expected to announce good news, justify bad news, and sometimes manage crises – while journalists are asking hard questions. Your words, jesters, and social media profiles move people and impact lives.

That’s why we deliver customized training to help you as leaders and decision-makers stay on message, and confidently take control of interviews to get your key messages out.


We Help You to be the Thought Leader

We make sure that you are confident and prepared, in person and in your messaging, so that you deliver great TV, radio, Social media, and online interviews.

The skills we’re offering you are the same ones Safia Al Shehi uses day in and day out in her professional life.